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January 11 24

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Capoeira Blues 
Official Music Video

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XOCÔ performs traditional Afro Indigenous Brazilian rhythms fused with rock, psychedelic music and other contemporary influences.

With a penchant for composing songs on the streetcar, XOCÔ's original compositions merge poetry, politics and spirituality while paying homage to his Afro-Indigenous ancestors by breathing new life and lyrics into powerful inherited rhythms.
XOCÔ Media Coverage
“XOCÔ boldly crosses cultures, sounds and styles with his powerful new single and video Capoeira Blues."

Darryl Sterdan, TINNITIST 
December 07, 2023

"XOCÔ's album boasts a blend of Afro-Indigenous Brazilian rhythms and traditional percussion, psychedelic rock, punk, reggae, metal and hard rock.
'XOCÔ' demands respect for Indigenous cultures, celebrating Black heritage, advocating for environmental protection and unity."

Joseph Guenzler, National Indigenous Times
October 18, 2023

"Mestre Sérgio Xocolate, known as XOCÔ, is on a mission to bridge the cultural and musical gaps, bringing the vibrant traditions of Afro Indigenous Brazilian rhythms into the contemporary music scene. With his latest album, aptly titled “XOCÔ,” he offers a powerful blend of traditional percussion, psychedelic rock, punk, reggae, metal and hard rock."

Record World International 
October 20, 2023